This isn’t really a “post”, per say.

It’s more of a CELEBRATION!!

Because at 11:28pm CST, I finished the editing job that I have been working on for 2 months!

I emailed that puppy out and then interrupted my late night study buddies [props to Justin and Derek!], forced them to give me high fives, and then ran downstairs and bought us a round of yogurt covered pretzels.

Cause nothing says celebration like sugar wrapped around carbs.

And this is me, with the part that I am not sharing.  My favorite candy bar.

Look at that face.  You know what that face says?

  1. I am excited to be finished with my inaugural editing job.
  2. I love sugar in many-a-form.
  3. Are the boys seeing me do this across the table and mocking me in their minds?
  4. Probably.

Monday. 1pm.  Be here.

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