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It’s official- we are all in love with Fred. I knew you would feel that way. About every other phone call I’ve gotten today has started like this, “Annie. Seriously, I love Fred.” And I say, “Seriously. I know.” He rules.

As I was laying down to go to sleep last night, I thought this, “I think I loved him as soon as I saw him.” I wonder what it will be like to be somebody’s Mama.

I have GOT to tell you what happened at school today. I have a small bronze bust of Martin Luther King Jr. in my classroom for the month of February. On loan from a family in my class. A bronze bust, bloggites. On loan. On display. Yep.

Kid #1 walks up to the statue, kid #2 is standing nearby at the bookshelf. I’m overhearing all of this.

Kid #1: “I’m going to have a staring contest with this statue.”

Kid #2: “Well, you can try. But you are probably not going to win.”

Sit on that for a second and let it sink in deep. Because that is funny, people.

You gotta give Kid #1 some credit- he’s committed. Because I bet he stood there, nose to nose, for 3-4 minutes until he made HIMSELF laugh and said, “Aww man. I laughed.”

The statue won because the kid laughed. Nevermind that it is a BRONZE BUST OF MLK. The loss had everything to do with Kid #1 inability to keep a straight face and apparently nothing to do with the fact that this particular MLK has no moving eyelids.

And moments like THAT, ladies and gentlemen, are the joy of this profession and something that I will miss terribly.

I won’t miss Valentine’s Day or picture day or when they are the SAME DAY. Have mercy and someone get me a straight jacket. Or at least some Advil.

Though I can’t find where, I could have sworn I’ve shown this Valentine’s Day tribute video before. If I have, I do not apologize for showing it again. It is that good. Dave Barnes does it again. Consider it my Valentine gift to you. Especially you, Marie. Geez louise, seester.

I have no idea what my internet access will be like this weekend- I’m going skiing with the youth group. But I’m not skiing. I hate skiing. It’s a long story… involving MLK weekend 2001, mean youth kids, an inexperienced skier (me), a black diamond, a snow machine, and a torn MCL. Put those magical ingredients together and you get what I have deemed The Injury.

So I’ll be writing and working away in the peace and quiet of a ski lodge on President’s Weekend, one of the busiest in the season. No biggie.

Because I ain’t too proud to beg, and this may be the last chance I have to blog this week, here’s a couple of quick prayer things that could keep your mind occupied for the weekend:

My house is on the market as of 5:10pm today. Pray for God to bring the right buyer and soon. This is one of my first concrete steps towards my dream. And it scares me to death. But I believe in a God who shows up for His people.

My writing. I have SO MUCH to write, and SO MUCH that I want to write really well that it feels overwhelming. Pray for clarity, creativity, and an ability to hear God. I have no words that will make any difference- I only want to write what I hear.

My schedule has been so busy this week that I have gone to bed with a migraine every night after being up and going for 15-18 hours straight. So pray that I would prioritize and say no and take care of my body and heart and brain.

My future… you know, husband, marriage, kids, etc. Today is a good a day as any to have my bloggites lift up a part of my life that, in general, I DO NOT (and will not) talk about on here. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Fred. Cause good gravy, could he BE any cuter? God has a plan for this boy. And we will get to watch it unfold. Glorious.

[Can we just go ahead and admit that he may be the highlight of this blog and it’s only his 2nd day here? He stole the show. And our hearts.]

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