Tuesday’s wish.

If I peek over my computer, I can see an envelope on the kitchen counter. It’s a very VERY exciting envelope. Once I sign the papers in that envelope and mail them back from whence they came, things kinda change forever career wise for me.

It’s awesome. Amazing. Shocking. Fantastic.

And I’m really sad.

Because my family isn’t here. My life long best friends aren’t here. If this had happened in Marietta, I would have called Haley and Molly to come over, my parents and sisters, Kathleen, Katie B, all of them. They would have come to my little house in Kennesaw and gathered around my black kitchen table as I signed my name. We would have cheered and laughed and yes, I probably would have cried. [Duh.] Then we would have gone to Laredo’s because nothing says “CELEBRATE!” like cheese dip.

I want my Mama. I want my Daddy. I don’t know why this has hit me so hard today. Maybe because this feels different- finishing the book was awesome- no doubt. And I wasn’t sad AT ALL.

But this is starting something new. It feels like I’m moving forward with my life in a big way. And I don’t want to move again without my family. For some reason, this feels like giving up my life in Marietta all over again.

Standing alone in my kitchen, signing this major piece of paper, is very very lonely.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m way excited and grateful for what God has done for me. Nashville is wonderful to me [as evidenced by My Two Dads yesterday] and I am super happy. And the fact that my writing career is moving forward is awesome.

I guess I just want to send this message to my people back home. I miss y’all everyday and love you so much.


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