Twitter Chai.

Last week, my friend Lauren left the Mocha Club to run some errands. When she mentioned a swing by The Perch, I got real happy. Cause it was raining. And fall-like outside. And I’m addicted to soy chai lattes.

I thought it would be cool to mention on twitter that I was preparing my mouth and my life for the chai to come.

Picture 3Then my friend Troy, the dude at The Perch who makes some killer drinks, tweeted this back. And you can ignore the time stamps- they are off for some reason.

Picture 5

Picture 7

And with three tweets, I had placed my order at The Perch. Boom. Roasted. Mere minutes later the drink was in transit.

Picture 8

I was glad for that. And I said so.

Picture 6

When Lauren arrived, with a medium cup full of my sanity salvation, I was ecstatic. It was delicious. Tied for best chai in town. And being that communication had already begun on twitter, I continued it there.

Picture 9

To which The Perch replied-

Picture 10

I’m tellin’ ya. A new page has been turned in my twitter life. No longer will I use twitter to simply tell you too much about my own life and nurture my selfishness. I will now use it to order my soy chai lattes.

It’s like I’ve opened Pandora’s box. Or Pandora’s twitter page. And now I can think of tons of unconventional ways to use twitter most effectively, i.e.- to make my life easier.

I wish that I could use twitter to order my burrito at Baja and check with the library to see if my books had arrived from other branches.

Just for starters. The list is constantly growing in my mind….

Which makes me want to know how you would answer the following question.

I wish that I could use twitter to _____________.

Ready? Go.

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