We heart the bird.

It seems we are all in agreement.

This sweet little bird is more than just a graphic on a header.

He is a mascot. A symbol. Dare I say…. a best friend?

Maybe. But I don’t like to rush these things.

I did go ahead and frame a picture for my bedside table. But like I said, I don’t rush these things.

His name? Well, after much ponderation [I made that word up, but I like it], I have decided that this is not just my bird. He’s our bird. So we’re gonna use every [male] name you suggested. Ready?

Meet our mascot bird: Rufus Theodore Oliver Pierre Percy Beaker Gerard Harper Kyle Guster Jimbo Darcy.

That is a fancy name for a fancy fowl.

But because that name is a memorization nightmare, we’ll just call him Mr. Darcy (the bird) for short.

It really makes a lot of sense. Cause the only other photograph on my bedside table is this one.

And right now is when I’m going to need you to stop judging me and instead use your energy to find me a date with a real boy so that I can take this picture off my bedside table and replace it with a picture of a real boy who lives in Nashville though I think it will still be appropriate to have the photo of Mr. Darcy (the bird) because that really won’t be a threat to any human male that starts falling in love with me.


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