We just needed a taste.

After a long day at the office, I like to relax. With Jake and Melissa.

Except for the office part. I don’t work at an office. And let’s just be honest, after a long day of relaxing, I like to relax. That’s just how I roll.

So in order to wind the evening down right here at Hunt Mansion, we sat down, pulled out the old computer, and opened iTunes.

Then we played our favorite songs. “Songs” is probably an exaggeration. Actually, we played, and sang along, with exactly 30 seconds of each song- the 30 seconds that iTunes chooses. Just like Michael Scott.

For example.

Electric Youth- Debbie Gibson.
You’re The Inspiration- Chicago
I Just Called To Say I Loved You- Stevie Wonder (my all time favorite song)
My Love- Lionel Richie
We Built This City On Rock and Roll- Starship
Africa- Toto
Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
Girl You Know Its True- Milli Vanilli
Lost In Your Eyes- Debbie Gibson
[And this is a direct quote from Melissa- “Ah… I thought this song was so beautiful.”]
Glory of Love- Peter Cetera, karaoke version- luckily Mel knows all the words.

And we are proud of our evening. Because there is zero shame in finding pleasure in hits from the 80s. I recommend it.

[Side note- thanks for your prayers. The day got better. Y’all are the best. If this doesn’t make you want a blog, I don’t know what will. More updates on the conference and RagamuffinTop Challenge by Monday.]

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