We need to discuss television.

Because you may have a shocking amount of free time to fill and you are just sitting there wondering, “Will anyone tell me something good to watch on TV so I can waste hours of my life on something that has no eternal value?””

Why yes. Yes I will. And you are welcome.

Some friends of mine in Nashville COULD NOT stop talking about the show KINGS on NBC. So as soon as I got to California and wanted to watch four solid hours of drama, I looked up KINGS on hulu.com and y’all. I. Love. It. It’s a modern day retelling of the life of King David- starring David Shepherd [genius], enemy war tanks called Goliaths [they were big, obviously], and Reverend Samuels. I’ve heard rumbles of it being canceled, so as my friend Matt says in his hit song 5:19, “I’m holding loose, but ain’t lettin’ go….” and I suggest the same depth of commitment for you.

Also, can we please talk about AMERICAN IDOL for a minute? My dad has loved this show for years, he calls it his “singin’ show” and we are not encouraged to call during the “singin’ show hours”. So. There’s that. I usually don’t watch it, but this season, thanks to Marisa and Betsy, I am addicted. Namely to Adam. Because y’all. I don’t even care who you are, you have to agree that Adam performs at a different level than anyone else. There are some other good ones, I’ll admit. But I would pay to see Adam sing live RIGHT NOW. I don’t know that he will win, the politics of it all and the insane voters out there, but I’ll be watching to see. Cause I’m hooked. And listen, don’t call me or email me during my singin’ show hours. Okay? Okay.

Also, I need to make a confession. I have a crush on Simon. Not a “this is a good joke” kind of crush. But a “I’m in LA. He’s in LA. This could be THE ONE” kind of crush. Okay, maybe not. But I did want to kiss him for a minute. Mainly because of this video that Jeremy showed me. Watch it. And then try to convince me that you didn’t tear up. Cause you did. Yeah, even you, Daddy. I know you did.

Finally. After American Idol is FRINGE. This show is crazy. It mixes FBI and freaky mcfreakster kind of stuff. And did I mention that Pacey from Dawson’s Creek is one of the stars? Cause that will hook anyone in the 24-32 age bracket. [Am I right or am I right?] So they solve crimes that involve weird circumstances, like tonight when an animal got on the loose that was a mix of a tiger, a bat, a snake, and a wasp. It rattled and slithered and walked. And ate people. And injected loads of larvae into each body. It was S-C-A-R-Y.

Let’s just say that this show is so good that it sticks with you like my grandmother’s biscuits. After I watched it at Linda‘s house, I drove home and got out of the car at the exact same moment that the sprinklers next door fired up.

And in case you don’t know, sprinklers sound JUST LIKE hybrid animal monsters that inject you with larvae.

And in case you didn’t know, I almost soiled myself.

I’ll leave you with that.

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