Weekend away.

I’ve got to take the weekend off- a lot of other things in my life need to get done. Let me list them for you- in no particular order:
1. chores
2. reading my book club book (800+ pages, 10 days to go, only on page 386. Yikes.)
3. outlining some writing stuff
4. finishing my chapel talk for Dominion (only outlined, 11 days to go)
5. purchase some things (gifts, jeans, etc.)
6. try to get Tatum’s iPod repaired
7. sleep in

But, when I return, here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to- again, in no particular order (and no guarantees- I’m a fickle lady):
1. why I teach school (no, not because of the big bucks I make, though that doesn’t hurt)
2. Jackson County on Friday nights
3. Bebo Norman changes my life often
4. God sets the lonely in families
5. photographs
6. why I hate skiing
7. I don’t know, but I like to work in 7s.

By the way, happy long weekend.
MLK deserves this honor. Well done, my friend.

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