So, this is going to have to last you through the weekend. I have a HUGE paper to write for grad school and about 10 sets of papers to grade. And I’d like to maybe read my Bible and write in my journal for more than 75 seconds.

I found this blog just clicking through links on the side of other blogs I read. I have no idea what ASBO Jesus stands for, so in case it is irreverent, dirty, crude, rude, or socially unacceptable- consider this my pre-apology.

I don’t like all his drawings, but most are really interesting to me. He can say in 2 sentences what I say in 2 paragraphs. This is no shock – I know I use too many words.

Interesting, huh?

If you get bored, check out my blogroll over here to the right. Trust me, you can waste HOURS clicking away. And whether you plan to or not, you may just learn something.

Have a great weekend. Go Dawgs!!

And please don’t lose, Falcons. Please. I’m begging you at this point.

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