Welcome to the new AnnieBlogs!

“I might have been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name.”

[I feel like on a day when I launch a pretty new blog, I should start by quoting Reba. Can we all agree on that?]

So if you are a google reader kind of reader, pop over today and check out this beautiful new site.

I am BEYOND thrilled with it all, but be full of grace with it for a few days as you guys scamper throughout the pages and find things that need tweaking or fixing. Just tell me if you see something that needs a bit of repair work- there still might be a piece of painter’s tape left in the corner or a loose screw somewhere in this newly remodeled internet home.

. . . . .

Let me take you on a little tour.

At the top of every page, you’ll see a few linky-dinky-doos for you to check out-

About Annie – you know me, no bigs.

Annie Speaks – I do.

Annie’s Book – I have one. Fingers crossed, this will be plural someday soon.

Annie Writes – This is just in case some of you out there are looking for a freelance writer to do some biz with ya.

Contact Annie – The form on this page gets emailed straight to me. I love when you guys write.

If at any point, you just wanna come back to the blog itself, just click on Annie Blogs. Easy cheesy, huh?

On the right, you can see some fun buttons to take you to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Then there is a beautiful salmon subscribe button if you are into that.

. . . . .

Within posts, you can now share using social media and YAY! your faces are no longer squished in the comment section! [I am personally glad for that because my squished face did absolutely nothing for my dating life.] Also, some things have shifted around and etc, but you’ll figure that out lickedy-split. I’m not worried about you getting lost.

The only other new thing is that we have some ad space on the right…. we’ll get that kicked up and going nutz after I get back from Scotland in August.

So fly on little birdies and check out the new place. I hope you totally love it.

[Thanks to Luke and Byron, my blog builders, for designing and building the most beautiful internet home I’ve ever had.]

. . . . .

Anything missing that you guys think we should add?

And this is just the FIRST big reveal of the week. You know, nothing says low stress like launching two websites the week you go out of the country for two weeks. I’m a lunatic [but I’m having a great time!].


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