Welcome to the T-day list.

For as long as I can remember [exaggeration], I have made a list on Thanksgiving of the things that I am grateful for. This may be surprising to you, but I’m pretty sure it’s a common occurrence on this holiday. I mean, it’s called THANKSgiving. Give some thanks, yo.

But I decided to switch it up a little bit. I’m going to list things I am thankful for that I was not thankful for last year. As in, new items on my list and in my life. I mean, I could list all the things that you are used to hearing- family, friends, health, etc. I agree- today is a great day to reflect on those things. And I do.

But I want to list things that God has put in my life since November 06.

You with me? Ready? Steady? Go.

1) Jarrett Watkins. The inspiration for this list. I had no idea when he was born that he would end up being the coolest kid in the world. And the fact that he can grow such a mustache. Wowsa. Jarrett’s mama is expecting again and I could not be more thrilled to have #1 for next year’s list already on the way!

2) Breakfast Club. This amazing group of people have impacted my life greatly in the last few months. I could not be more grateful for what God has done for us or more excited about what He is doing in us.

3) Scotland. Yes, I understand that Scotland existed before 2007, but it didn’t mean to me what it means to me now. As we put the team together and plan for the trip in July 2008, I could not be more excited. More nervous. More understanding of my need to fully depend on God.

4) Healthy friendships. At this point last year, I couldn’t say that. There was turmoil and hurt and confusion. But God restores and heals. And He has.

5) My friends that are hanging out in New York City this weekend. It’s not my business to give you the details, but I am thankful to God for what I’m seeing Him do for people that I have loved a long time.

6) The amount of time I get to spend with Kathleen, David, Anne, and the cul-de-sac crowd. It has been really nice. And hilarious. And delicious.

7) Shannon’s encouragement. We only get to talk once a month or so, but I often think of her when I write or get frustrated with my lack of writing outlets. She makes the list because she has somehow talked me in to going to a big deal writer’s conference in California in March. She is selfless in our friendship and I am totally grateful.

8) Grad school. I don’t know why, I just know that God has a plan that I don’t get. So I’m choosing to put this on the list to say “God, I am grateful for the situations You put me in even when I don’t know why.”

9) Blog 2 Face. This is a really cool group of people that all go to the same church and have blogs. I love having people to communicate with via blogs that know me in real life as well. Because one of these days when the internet kicks the bucket, I’ll still have those friendships.

10) My nonsils. That’s the non-scientific term for the place where my tonsils used to be. I’m glad those guys are gone.

11) This blog and you. Seriously. This week, I hit 200 posts and 30,000 visitors. Are you kidding me? 30,000!! That’s ridiculous. I understand that probably counts my Mom 12, 409 times, but still. I’ll take it. I know I’ve already thanked you (on my blog birthday) but I just want to say again how much it means to me that you take time out of your day to check in with my corner of the sky.

I have loved having an outlet to write and be creative. And call me a dork, but I have loved NaBloPoMo. It’s like someone is giving me permission to blog too much. I had a good friend tell me to blog everyday in December too. Am I am loser for considering it?

I was thinking yesterday about this post, and the last 12 months. I thought, “Man, it’s kinda been like Groundhog year, not that much is different.” But the more I mulled it over, the more I feel like God reminded me that He is always at work.

This is my favorite Beth Moore quote. I pray that this Thanksgiving you will know that even if you don’t SEE Him working, He is. And I thank Him for that. Hallelujah.

Heaven is replete with angelic activity as God faithfully completes in the spiritual realms what He will release in the visible realms when the time is right.

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