What you don’t know…

is that the Mozleys live almost next door to the airport.

That means that every plane that goes by, the Mozleys can tell you the time and the airline. Example at dinner- Michael to Claire- “isn’t that British Airways? They’re a little early tonight, aren’t they?”

These are other things I love about Ghana-

1) Maggie. We are going to try to walk on water at the pool on Monday.
2) Luke. Because I have a nickname for him- “Beef Burger”
3) Watching Luke and Kwame Michael (Luke’s 18 yr. old b-fry) play Star Wars Lego video game.
4) Going to youth group with them tonight and playing charades- I was a palm tree.
5) Eddie.
6) Anna. Enough said.

Ryan has a joke for you-
What does Snoop Dog use in his laundry?

And another-
Why does Snoop Dog always carry an umbrella?

Sad. We need to go to bed- it’s 10:50pm here.

Love to all Americans. And Ghanaians. I repeat, those of you who said, “I TOLD you that you would LOVE Ghana”, you were right.

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