When my people speak….

I listen.

Not a lot of fans of the red and black blog. I hear ya. I didn’t love it either.

Hope this is better.

It’s too hot outside. Gross. Miserable. If I ever complain in the winter, slap me. With a frozen steak. Across the face.

My students REQUESTED that I drink a Diet Dr. Pepper tomorrow at lunch because they could “sense a difference in my mood” today. Yikes. It’s a little early in the year for them to realize that I probably need to be on medication.

I went to MPC (Aaron, you’re so jealous right now, huh?) with Heather and Marie Claire (better known as “Rooster McDooj”) tonight. Marie leaves for Asbury College tomorrow. When I don’t feel so emotional and sad about her leaving me, I’ll blog to you about how rad she is.

If I could download one song right now off of iTunes, it would be the “little bit mo” song that is on a Target commercial. I think I could dance all the way to school listening to that.

I’m having my tonsils taken out in about 4 weeks. More to come on that. Wait for it. It will be good. Let’s just say that blog will involve a photo taken with my built-in camera. Yeah. Nice.

PLEASE tell me you heard David Hasselhoff on “America’s Got Talent” last night. Horrible. He had to be drunk. I know I wished I was. Then maybe I wouldn’t remember what I had to hear. My ears bled.

There’s a man on TV that says he’s the second coming of Jesus. He’s drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. And he’s from Puerto Rico. Yeah…..he’s gonna get struck by lightening. He actually says he’s the “Anti-Christ”. He’s having his people tattoo 666 on their arms. OH YIKES. That makes me shiver. (I hope you are watching this on ABC because it is just getting weirder.) Sir, check the Bible. The Anti-Christ does not have a good ending. If I was to list a few things I’d never call myself because it’s a bad idea, “Anti-Christ” would definitely be on that list. “Robert” would be on that list also. Cause I’m a girl.

Speaking of tattoos- sound off. For them? Against them? Look at this guy’s view and then this guy’s view. I’m wondering what you think.

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