When the power goes out….

things go terribly awry.

Here is a short list of knowledge I gained today, thanks to the SEVERE thunderstorm that bombarded the metro area around 6am. Which is, to my daily chagrin, when I am getting ready in the mornings.

1) It probably is important to have a working flashlight in your house. I’m just sayin….

2) Students have no problem letting you know when your hairdo is subpar. Listen, kids, I had only completed 1/4 of my hair regimen when the power blew. So. Shut it.

3) Having an electric garage door opener is a huge blessing every morning, EXCEPT the mornings when there is no power. Dear Jonathan and Amy, before you moved to Costa Rica, maybe you should have told me what to do if my car is held captive by my garage.

4) Procrastination kicks my tail repeatedly. I thought last night about the importance of straightening up the house since a bunch of real estate agents were passing through today (16 total, according to the pile of business cards on my dining room table). But because I’m a dork, I thought I’d just straighten up first thing this morning.

Trying to find the right place to put sundry household items in the pitch black dark is challenging, to say the least. The bruise on my left shin is proof of this.

5) Barrett Parkway with no working street lights is a like a field of land mines. I’m serious that I felt I needed a helmet. I don’t think that makes perfect sense. But when the entire stretch of road is dark and everyone around you is being ridiculously cautious, and the intersections involve up to 14 lanes, a helmet seems like a good choice.

I wanted to say this: ONE CAR AT A TIME, PEOPLE. Don’t you KNOW how four-way stops work? Because every time that second (third, fourth…) car sneaks through, it throws off everyone’s groove.

Thus making a helmet important.

I know I’m weird. I’m ESPECIALLY weird at 6:30am. But I truly remember gripping the steering wheel and wishing I had a helmet.

And wishing Tatum’s car had more gas, since I had to take her toaster to school. Remember, my Camry was involved in an intense hostage situation.

So, I will be making some changes to my life, thanks to this experience. Namely, opening the garage at the first strike of lightning…. and keeping a hair dryer at school. Sheesh.

It’s Tuesday. Dave Barnes is hookin’ you up with some new music- have a listen! His new album comes out on April 1st, but pre-ordering is the way to go. Seriously, you can order now and get 2 CDs (one for you and one to share!) and a DVD. OR you can order 2 CDs, a DVD, and get a tshirt. Ah… I love tshirts. Do it, people. You life will be better.

Unless you don’t have power. Because no matter how cool Dave Barnes is, he can’t generate electricity.

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