Why I pay for expanded basic cable.

Do you ever flip channels, thinking nothing good is going to be on, ready almost to turn off the TV? Then suddenly one of your favorite shows that you forget exists is on? That just happened to me. With this show-
Dog the Bounty Hunter. I love it. I won’t lie. This is an adrenaline pumped show, with some mild cussing and more than one bleep, but somehow we’re all still Christians who chase down and always catch the bad guys? So, whatever I guess. I dig that he’ll be in heaven with us. And a little part (read “big part”) of me wants a Dog t-shirt, cause they are really tough, just like me.

If this “Annie used to be cool” ship is going down, I’m takin’ Jeff Watkins with me, because he loves the Dog as well. So if you’re gonna label me “mildly white trash” for my appreciation of Hawaiian bounty hunters, remember I run with some high quality people who also may deserve that label.

And let me conclude by saying that there is nothing trashy about justice. Got it?

This particular episode is drama packed. I’ve tried to call Haley and Jeff twice- they are probably so into the show they can’t take their eyes off the television to answer the phone. I don’t take it personal. If you called me right now, I probably wouldn’t answer either.

While we’re at it, let me share with you some other shows that have a special place in my heart.

Deadliest Catch is a Downs family favorite. We gather together and often look for this show first. Don’t ask me why. We have watched MANY marathons, for some reason at the lakehouse a lot, that lasted for hours. The sad part is that we have watched the same marathon more than once. There is no shame in that. We love watching these guys try to catch crabs. There’s something to be said for every show leading us to believe that a rogue wave is going to end it all. That’s drama. And it’s real. It’s reality TV at it’s finest. Truly. Let’s just say that my Dad knows the names of the boats and the captains. Who am I kidding. So do I.

If that came on right now after Dog, I would pass out. Cold. Out of pure excitement.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is also popular in the family. I introduced some dear friends of mine to this show over the weekend. I’m pretty sure they are changed. For life. If you’ve never watched this show, it is disgusting and hilarious. Mike Rowe has the sense of humor that I wish I could bottle up and spill on some unnamed people in my life- he is so quick-witted and sarcastic. A beautiful combo- mix that with some sick job that involves trash or waste or animals, and that makes for quite an entertaining half-hour.

Ready for me to kick it up another notch? Mike Rowe does the voice overs for Deadliest Catch. Yeah, I know. That’s almost too much good scoop in one blog.

There are more shows that I love, but these three jump out at me as my new favs. I could keep my TV on A&E or Discovery Channel most of the time and be pretty happy.

As if this wasn’t enough entertainment, in your future lies a blog about my favorite Food Network shows. And a blog about the Crocodile Hunter. I loved that man.

Update: it is 10:42pm. Channel 38- Dog. Channel 40- Dirty Jobs. So what’s a girl to do? Be thrilled and flip back and forth. That’s what.

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