Why not?

When you are in Target with your friends, and they have removed the aisles leaving a lot of empty space, why would you not do this?

While you are there, check out the ear candles. Ewww….

I know I’ve mentioned missing the Mozleys, but I also miss Tatum. And no, Mama did not make me write that.

I’m presently in a figurative chess match with iTunes. I’m attempting to remove playlists from Tatum’s old iPod and put it on my iTunes. So far, iTunes has one-uped me at every turn. I will figure this out…if Ernie will ever call a sista back. Geez.

And what is up with this rain? Good gravy. I just left the movie theater and got soaked. I didn’t even run. What is it about really hard rain that makes you decide that there is no way to avoid soakage, so you just walk casually?

Oh wait… you don’t do that? Whoops. Just me then, I guess.

I saw the movie THR3E, which is based on a book by Ted Dekker. That man is either a genius or a lunatic. Or both. When we get to heaven, I’m going to tell him that he is crazy in the head. And that I love him for it.

Which of his books have you read?

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