World Cup Part 2

If you didn’t see the US game on Wednesday morning, I’m sorry for you. Because good gracious it was a beaut.

Please take a few minutes and watch this AMAZING video from Landon Donovan’s goal scoring moment. [I tried to embed it, but it isn’t working. Trust me, I’ve wasted 45 minutes of my LIFE on this. I’m just going to have to hope you click.]

I mean, if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, I don’t know what will. I certainly hope the US team (and Landon Donovan in particular) see this video. What a tribute to their hard work and dedication when, 3.75 out of every 4 years, our country couldn’t care less about them.

And I am TOTALLY going to be that woman in the peach suit, saddled up to the bar at 8am, watching World Cup 2038.

Also, just for kicks, here’s the link to where I was on Wednesday morning- “Fans go wild as U.S. defeats Algeria, advances”

And…. here’s the video of our crowd going NUTS when Landon scored. You can’t see me, but if you watch, there is a girl holding a flag at the beginning of the clip- I’m right below her.

At the risk of overdoing it, here’s the link to the video of us LOSING OUR MINDS when Donovan scored.

I have never NEVER had an experience like that. [Sorry, Georgia Bulldogs, but it is true.] And I’ll tell you, that may have been the most fun I have ever had at a sporting event. My adrenaline was pumping for about 5 hours afterwards.

USA plays Ghana tomorrow [I love the Black Stars, so it’s almost a divided loyalty. ALMOST.] and I’ll be in Marietta with the family, but we will be watching.

This World Cup has been a pile of fun already and we’re only 2 weeks in (3 more to go). But my dear buddy Wes wrote a great post yesterday about how important it is for our country to embrace soccer. A great read for your Friday.

Here’s what I want to know: where were you when Landon Donovan scored the game winning / group winning / team advancing goal?

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