You. You, Nail. You aren’t supposed to be here. In my tire.

What exactly made you think it was a good idea just to lay in the road? I question your decision making, if I’m going to be real honest. You look trustworthy, and had we met under other circumstances, I probably would have confided in you and asked your advice on some situations. But I am really glad I’ve seen your true colors, Nail.

Weren’t you made for more than this? Just causing a hole and then having to plug it yourself? You are the problem and the solution. But you leak. And that is when I realized I couldn’t trust you.

Wouldn’t you rather be holding up a house? Or connecting two pieces of wood for an Eagle Scout project? We talked about purpose tonight at youth group- too bad I couldn’t bring you in with me. You might have learned something. You might have gotten saved.

Instead, you’re causing some major concerns for me. How will I get from the tire repair shop to school? Answer that one, Nail. And are you going to pay for the damage you are inflicting- emotionally, physically, and financially? Because if you were a responsible citizen, you would. What about after school? How exactly do you foresee me returning to pick up my car? Oh, I get it. You don’t even care about that part because you’ll be long gone. Selfish. That’s what you are, Nail.

So, I usually avoid personal attacks on here, but you’ve left me no choice.

I hate you, Nail. And I hate what you’ve done to my Monday.

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