Your mom is an old hockey movie.

I went to my first Atlanta Thrashers game last night. The school where I work gave out free vouchers to teachers and students. And because I’m a mooch, and single, I took a handful so I could invite my friends.

[Something that you need to know is that when I say “with my friends” or “invite my friends”, it is usually (but not always) referring to Molly and Haley. And their husbands. And soon, Pinto (Haley is preggers).]

So, Haley and Jeff, our other friends John and Robin, myself and Molly (no Brandon this time- coaching the Creekview Grizzlies to a disappointing 14-0 loss) all headed down to Philips Arena. I kept worrying that any students/teachers I saw from school were going to thing Molly and I were “life partners” or something crazy like that, but luckily she kept flashin’ that diamond ring, so I think we were safe. Wouldn’t want any fellas to pass me up because they thought I played for the wrong team.

None of us are hockey aficionados, nor did we even really know what was going on, but boy did we cheer! Every time two players even grazed each other, Molly would scream, “FIGHT!!” at the top of her lungs. About four times, the players complied and we got to see all out brawls. That is something that makes hockey a real pleasure to watch. What other sport allows the players to punch each other in the face? None, I tell you. And the visual stimulation of this place- whew! I think I had 2 seizures because of all the strobe lights. The Thrashers lost 5-2 but we had a ball (or a puck?) and I seriously hope to go back.

The real highlight of the game (besides the kiss cam where a man made out with his beer- NO LIE) was being with these friends. I’m telling ya, the older I get, the more I appreciate true friends, low drama friends, trustworthy friends, true best friends. I’m sure we all get our feelings hurt, I’m sure we don’t always agree, but I’m also sure that we would do anything to make the others feel loved. (Not to mention that both of their husbands are AWESOME and I love being friends with them, too. The Lord knows what He is doing.)

Honestly, with these girls, it’s just so easy.

(Yeah, I know it’s my profile picture, it’s just also the most recent one of us. Deal.)

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