Your tears matter.

I’m a crier. You know this about me, whether you and I have met face to face or not. I talk about it in my books, I talk about it when I speak (usually as a warning to the audience).

It’s not that I’m dramatic. I’m just emotional. I just feeeeeel all the things and feeeeel them deeply and my eyes leak.


I’ve always loved Psalm 56:8.

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

I don’t know how God does it- how He keeps up with all the pains and hurts and tears of each of us, but I believe the Bible and the Bible says He does.

Your tears matter. Every one of them. 

My friend Lindsey has Lyme Disease. It has, to be honest, ruined her life in a lot of ways, as Lyme tends to do. Not forever, not completely, but it has stolen from her the life she wants to be living on a daily basis. (You can read her story here.) So in her sickness, Lindsey has become acutely aware of pain in her own life, as well as in the lives of others. She is so compassionate and caring, even while fighting this disease, through her own tears and pain.

So last week, Lindsey launched Bottles of Tears. She wanted to find a way to support and love other people in their hurt, while also helping raise funds for her Lyme Disease treatment.


It’s an AMAZING idea.

Think of someone in your life that is hurting, that could use a reminder that they have not been forgotten or overlooked. Scan through the unique vintage bottle options that Lindsey has scoured for and collected. Pick the one that you or your person would like. When you order the bottle, it comes with Psalm 56:8 beautifully printed on a vintage piece of dictionary paper.

I mean. So chic. I can’t even deal.

And it’s shipped to you, or your friend, as a sweet reminder no matter what they are going through (divorce, sickness, hurt, loss of job, heartache), God remembers them.

photo 2

I ordered the tiniest most adorable bottle because there is humor in thinking God could hold my tears in that size container. It’s ironic. Get it?

I think this is a beautiful and helpful ministry – both for Lindsey and all those who are receiving bottles – so I just wanted to make sure you knew about it. While this is amazing for anyone who is hurting, I also think this would be an incredible gift for teenage girls or college girls in your life to remind them that whatever they are going through, God finds it important and worthy of recording.

So check out Bottle of Tears. Can’t wait to hear which bottle you pick! 🙂

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