Some things you interview me about.

So today, I think you should interview me. Ready? Go.

. . . . .

Hey Annie. What were you doing in Grand Rapids yesterday?

Well, that’s not really what today’s post is about, but I’ll tell ya. I was getting to meet with a bunch of youth pastors that will be bringing girls to our Girls of Grace event in November. Here’s a pic of it.

Sounds cool.

It was. Literally and emotionally and physically. Because, you know, youth ministers are cool and so is Michigan in September.

Eh, okay. Hey- don’t you have a Girls of Grace event this weekend?

As a matter of fact, I do! In Eden Prairie, MN. And there are only a few tickets left- so if you live in/near/around, please grab a ticket and come say hi! We’ve got over 2500 girls already coming, but you would be a totally noticed addition. Mainly because you are my friend.

Have you ever been to Minnesota?


Congrats, then.

Thank you.

Have any links to share today?

In fact I do! The first one is on (in)courage- Emily and I made a video about writing for teenagers and it is funny and sweet and we filmed it in a bathroom.

Please explain why you did that.

Well, the beach house was all abuzz with (in)courage ladies and it was about 10pm and that huge bathroom was literally the only spot that was quasi-quiet. We stacked my computer on top of a few pillows and a stool and sat on the side of the tub.

I also think you should know that (in)courage is giving away 10 GIFT PACKS including both of our books. So, that’s a win win winny winson.

I love to win.

I know you do.

What’s this other biznass on twitter from Catalyst?

I mean, right? How crazy that I’m on the list of September’s Young Influencers!

Uh, they know you’re 32, right?

I mean, I think so.

What does it mean to be on that list?

I have no idea. I didn’t realize Brad Lomenick even knew I existed on this planet. But it is cool to just be doing my thing- writing books, leading my small group, loving my friends and family, speaking to teens, blowing my budget by eating out too much- and someone thinks that combo of things makes me influential [this month]. I mainly just think I’m a dork. But I’m a grateful dork!

You also forgot to tell us about blogging for Zondervan.

Oh sheesh. I did. Last week, I blogged over at Zondervan about why I wrote Perfectly Unique and how to write for teenagers. Sorry about that.

Well, you’re forgiven, except you almost wrote “your forgiven” in which case you would have absolutely not been forgiven for that horrible grammatical error.

Hey, Annie? What should you actually be doing with your time instead of using a lot of time writing this interview?

Um…. writing a book? Writing an article that is due today? Writing the article that is due tomorrow? Working on my (in)courage posts? Getting my eyebrows waxed? Revamping my Girls of Grace talk and printing it? Packing for Minneapolis?

Now that I have you feeling really stressed, have a great day.


. . . . .

Seriously… don’t forget to enter to win free books and stuff from (in)courage!

Happy Thursday!

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