Grace. Etc.

First of all, you people love you some instructional videos. I feel like linen closets near and far are being transformed. Brings a tear to my organizational eye to hear so many of you making strides in folding areas of your life. I salute you, new members of the fold. [Literally.]

I’m so stinkin’ glad y’all liked the video. Cause you have NO.IDEA. how fun I think it is to make those. So. I have some ideas cooking…. I’ll be in touch. We can’t let that flipcam go to waste, now can we?

Now cam we?

[I have a pun guru named Dave. I hope this post, twice punny so far, is making him proud.]

This is my favorite day of the month. The day that I get to post over at (in)courage! This month is about grace and in order to complete the writing assignment, I had to use google. I know. I’m an idiot. CLICK here to read the post. [It’s short. Cause I value your time.] And I discuss milkshakes. Seriously. Need I say more?

And just while I’ve been writing this post, I got a comment over at (in)courage from a sweet bloggy friend in Australia. AUSTRALIA, y’all. This world gets tinier Me likey.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

[I’d like to make one more play on words, but I don’t want it to get overly pun-gent in here.]


[My work here is done.]

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