Like a spaceship, only quieter. And less smoke.

It’s LAUNCH DAY over at (in)courage!

I cannot WAIT for y’all to read the beautiful posts that are already up. Sheesh. I’m running with some writing big dawgs, that is for sure.

So hop on over to And what I find particularly helpful is that there is a place to subscribe to their posts, so you don’t forget. [Especially because, oh I don’t know, your blogista here might possibly have a post going up tomorrow.]

Today, I personally have to deal with a lot of things that are full. And some that are empty.

My inbox is full. Time to reply to some of the sweetest blog comments ever. And my friends. And the spam [and by “reply”, I mean hitting delete with a scowl on my face because spam? It is of the devil].

My YouBlog queue is full. So it’s time for me to do some post writing. Mainly about you. [As always, you can sign up by emailing me. The queue will only be full for about 9 more minutes. Then empty, and ready for your bloggy self to jump in there.]

My purse is full of receipts. My personal method of finance is, “just don’t look and it will take care of itself”, which, you may already know, is a ridiculously stupid plan. So it’s time to balance ye old checkbook.

The word document that should be full of words is, alas, empty. I’m still learning how to do this freelance writer life thingy, and it comes with its fair share of challenges. Like, oh, maybe, no boss to boss me? And my personal lack of discipline in other areas is spilling over into my writing.

[That’s a sentence that will make a mama proud.]

But I’m working on it. Seriously. I am.

We aren’t even going to deal with the parts of my heart that feel full and empty. I only let you see my guts once a week or so, and I still haven’t recovered from Friday’s guts post. 🙂

Also empty (praise the Lord!): my laundry basket, the dishwasher, the trash cans, and my DVR. It was a productive Sunday.

So today, I’m continuing the Sunday trend and taking the things that are full and emptying them. I’m also taking that which is empty and *hopefully* filling it.

And probably eating a burrito for dinner.

That’s my Monday.


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