EnneaSummer2021: Enneagram Coach Haley Watkins

It’s time to kickoff a really fun month here on the pod! ENNEASUMMER2021! We will spend the next few Mondays and Fridays talking about the enneagram with friends of each type and especially focusing on where each number goes in security and stress. But today, we start the series with an expert point of view, thanks to our friend and Enneagram Coach Haley Watkins. We’ll go over each type, and what it means to go towards stress and security, and get you ready for a month of learning and growing.
Also- here is some research about the origins of the enneagram from Your Enneagram Coach: ORIGINS
We’ll be using #EnneaSummer2021 for our hashtag this month, so as you discover your number and dig in deeper, include the hashtag in your posts so we can learn along with you!
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