Episode 154: Chris Rice

Chris Rice is one of the friends in Nashville I have known the longest (and no, I don’t mean back to when I would listen to his songs in middle school, I mean since I moved to town). And he is just as brilliant and kind and thoughtful and fun and you would have hoped he would be as a fan of his music.

He’s also full of wise words and beautiful music and just one of the best men I know. I know you already probably know him, but I hope today’s conversation makes him feel like a new friend. Make sure you go listen to his new album Untitled Hymn… it is just beautiful.

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Chris Rice

Sleeping At Last music

Atlas: Seven    

The Hymns Project album

How Great Thou Art

Ripp + Rice Project

Andrew Ripp

That Sounds Fun Episode 104: Andrew Ripp

Deep Enough to Dream album

Michael W. Smith

Steven Curtis Chapman

Third Day

Sandi Patty

Psalm 37:23

John 8:36

Smell the Color 9 song

Matthew 28:20

Deus absconditus 

Psalm 69

Jeremiah 23

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Big Enough

John 3:16-17

Untiled Hymn (Come to Jesus)

Untiled Hymn (Come to Jesus) by Hillary Scott and The Scott Family

Untiled Hymn new version

Too Much I Love 

Fairest Lord Jesus

There is a Fountain 

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Joshua Tree

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