A book I won’t write.

Y’all know I wrote a book. And it is getting published by Westbow.

And on Monday, there will be celebrations and confetti and explosions and a sneak peek at the back cover and the book will be turned in and the next step will begin.

What is that next step? Yeah…. I dunno. I’ll tell you Monday. [Not cause I’m a secret keeper, more because I honestly don’t know.]

I am super-dee-duper excited that the book is finished, designed, edited, fixed, tied with a bow, put a fork in it cause it’s done. No more, “So on page 42 did you want it to say YES or yes?” No longer will I have to read the same joke and think, “Was it funny the first time? Cause it is not funny the 18th time.” I’m glad to have the “I think there should be a comma there on page 102” situation resolved.

Cause truly, the editing process almost made me throw my computer out the window going 70 miles per hour down the interstate.

I decided not to do that. Because I think I want to keep using my computer and keep writing books.

But, just FYI…. there is a book I’m not going to write.

A book on being single.

Why won’t I write said book, you ask?

Hop over to the (in)courage site to read my article A Book on Singleness.

Y’all have a great weekend.


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