A Monday List.

1. Thank you for all your prayers on Saturday. It was a good day. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t my best showing. It was a good reminder that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. [It feels stupid to say that; I know it is true, but it feels like a cop-out way of saying “I failed.”] It just could have gone better- my part, that is.

To say it politely- I’m not perfect. And I got a four star reminder of that.

BUT. It was great to see my friends and it was a wonderful event. I was super glad to be there.

[Big sigh. Moving on.]

2. I drove back to Nashville on Sunday night and for once, I decided that I would make myself listen to FULL albums, no skipping, no This American Life, just albums start to finish. And I made myself sing every song. [I love singing. So this was the easier of the two requirements.]

Here’s what I listened to:

I don’t know that this list matters to you at all. But here it is. It felt like a real accomplishment to listen to five straight albums. Very un-Annie. [I’m a shuffler. A major shuffler.]

3. My (in)courage friend, Heather, is raising money for her daughter. Some of our (in)courage sisters got together and donated a few items. The (in)courage email said “if you have a craft or a book you’d like to donate…” and I was looking to my right and to my left and then suddenly I was like, “Oh, you mean ME? Oh yeah! I have a book.” It my pleasure to donate a few books to help– so check out Heather’s Etsy site and buy some stuff, yo.

4. Speaking of books, my friend Seth Godin has a new book called Poke the Box releasing this week and the KINDLE VERSION OF POKE THE BOX COSTS ONLY ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR [until the end of TODAY]! $1.00. Seriously. So buy that puppy- it will change how you do business. I promise. [You may know the girl he talks about on page 1. I’m just saying. I died- in the good way.]

5. Also- this happened on the drive yesterday. Hair mustaches are all the rage in 2011.

[Do you love my serious face or what? I know. I’m a class act. Fully deserving of being in Seth Godin’s book. Or. Possibly. This picture may cause him to rewrite the first two pages of the book, because I’m a nut job.]

6. Speaking of people who shouldn’t associate with yahoos like me, my (in)courage friend Ann Voskamp hit the NYT Best Sellers list last week with her AH-MAZE-ING book One Thousand Gifts. You need to read this book.

7. I miss Scotland.

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